Solar Photovoltaic - 101

This introductory course provides students with a working knowledge of Photovoltaic (PV) systems for new or intermediate installers. The course is for individuals wanting to gain an in-depth knowledge of PV systems, design techniques, equipment functionality as well as installation requirements and methods. It includes "hands on" activities in a lab environment to apply skills to test and commission a system. Students will gain the required level of working knowledge for designing and installing PV systems.  Course covers series and parallel circuits, shading, site analysis, mounting of cells, inverters, sizing, grounding, wiring, and over current devices. Also provides an overview of the three basic solar power system applications, primarily focused on grid direct systems. Through classroom instruction and hands on labs the course will provide the knowledge to know the features and applications of the 4 different systems, as well as identify points in curves. 30-hour class

 (EPAE) Electrical Principals for Alternative Energy

M/W   6 - 9 pm 
Class Starts:  July 10, 2017
Class Ends:  August 14, 2017
NO CLASS on July 24th 

Location:  DXATC ERTC Campus (Old Airport Terminal), Room #4E

All Fast traX courses have a minimum enrollment requirement.  If the minimum is not met the course will be cancelled.  In this event you will be contacted. 

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